IMG 4869Like every little boy of my generation I loved watching Western movies , playing cowboys and Indians with my childhood friends little realizing it would lead to a career in gun making.

After being 5 years in a boarding school in Walbourg from the age of 9, I learned a certain way of thinking. Within these years  I became a member of a Shooting team,  the Racing Club in Strasbourg to shoot regularly and learned a lot about the shooting technique.  Shorty after I knew this is the job I want to learn: the world of guns.

At 16 years old I went to study in Belgium to the famous Leon Mignon Gun making School in Liege and 3 years after I had my diploma  in manufacturing hunting weapons.

With my qualification in my pocket I started working at Armurerie Sipp in Strasbourg this was my first step in the real gun making world.

In 1998 I had the chance to work at Holland and Holland  in London;  in one of the best and most famous  gun making company's in the world  and get closer to the fine bespoke English guns. I worked 4 years in the finishing shop preparing guns and rifles for customers and 2 years in the action shop .

To further my experience, in 2004 I joined James Purdey's and Sons where I specialized  in the complex world of the over and under Woodward guns and their particular ejection system.

Being away 8 years from my homeland, in 2006 finally, I decided to move back to France, in Alsace  to set up my own business and continue working for James Purdey's assembling side-by-side and over and under guns in my little workshop.

Three years later -adapting to the demand of the local market -I extended my workshop  and opened a clothing & accessories store, whilst still manufacturing new bespoke weapons , gun maintenance , renovation with scope-fitting a specialty that we have become renowned for . An array of new and second hand shotguns and rifles always in stock or to order, declarations also arranged.